Sorcha (xpurpledovesx) wrote in seaofsoulsbbc,

Welcome to the Sea of Souls community!

Welcome to what will hopefully become the biggest community dedicated to BBC's Sea of Souls on Livejournal. This community is for anything and everything SOS, however vaguely related. I encourage you to join up and post, whether it's fanfiction, theories, or news on the actors you're posting.

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Just testing comments here =)
Hello. Is anyone here?

I've been watching Sea of Souls almost since the beginning - I wasn't too thrilled with Justine and Craig at first, but they've grown on me. I think Douglas Monaghan/ Bill Paterson is absolutely dreamy, he gives Severus Snape competition for my attentions.

I was wondering if this group supports the posting of fan-fic? Just curious.

Speaking of curious - does it seem to anyone else that Bill Paterson isn't as active in the show this season as previously - that they're focusing more on the younger two?

Beannachd leibh, ---Caitrin a Masaitiusadh