kimurho (kimuro) wrote in seaofsoulsbbc,

Sea of Souls, season 3 on YouTube

The first episode of series 3 (Insiders) has been posted in its entirety to YouTube and most of episode 2 (Oracle).

Part one

Synopsis: A young couple, Angus and Caroline Jenson, hold a seance to contact their recently-deceased son. Something goes wrong and Angus is thrown against the wall by a powerful spirit. When he starts to experience blackouts and has a vision of a car plunging into the water, he visits the Department of Parapsychology at Clyde for counsel. As he becomes increasingly violent, the team races to determine who or what has possessed him.

guest actors listed alphabetically:

Duncan Bannatyne ... John Tudor
Paul Blair ... Brian / Rodger - asylum inmate, dissociative personality
Kari Corbett ... Kelly Tudor
Celia Graham ... Alice Monaghan - Douglas's wife, died at age 27, 1979
Frances Grey ... Caroline Jenson
Clare Grogan ... Cathy - Douglas's friend, a medium
Stephen Lord ... Angus Jenson
Louise Ludgate ... Cashier
Brian McCardie ... Chris Beale
Gordon Morris ... Policeman
Roshan Rohatgi ... Dr. Samir Suppiah - Justine's friend, psychologist
Allister Yuen-Trench ... Peter the Barman
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